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Recent Updates

State of the Game 2015

The 2015 State of the Game has questions asked by players and answered by the Legends of Terris operations team. Read More →

August 2015 Update

1. Groups: Complete overhaul to how groups work.
2. Shops: More customized bars and cafes through the lands.
3. Items: Stat updates on all items.
3. Azaal Dracons: Now set for Level 250-300+.
Read More →

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Known Errors


In Development

Landwide items are being reviewed for stat changes.
The Knights and Rangers should see item overhauls.
The Golden Goblet

Good drinks, good times and good friends in Devardec’s newest bar.  Also visit The Gold Rush Casino upstairs to test your luck!

Frostfall Bakery

Fresh Pastries Daily! Doughnuts, Pie, Apple Fritters and Lemon Tarts!
Visit the realm-famous bakery on Ice Wyrm Way in the Northern city of Frostfall and take a sample today!

Do you want braised lamb? Thinking of having a smooth scotch? Want to relax while drinking a warm ale and not being judged by an annoying Knight? Then come to Lypquinsi’s Bar! Now open in the City of Tranos! 


The Armory

View your character; compare stats with your friends!
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